Ron Cook 

(Ron Cook) Dj/Producer

Ron Cook attended Pershing High School, in Detroit Michigan, where he met Pete Atkins who introduced him to his brother Juan Atkins (Metroplex). From there he started producing his own music. In 10th grade year he started Djing parties at L'uomo in Detroit. After highschool he began doing shows with the group Direct Drive. Soon he put his first record out on Metroplex 'Here's your chance now dance'. Ron is responsible for such classics as 'FFWD' and 'Yeah Im Freaky', which got him and the group Xchange signed to Virgin Records. He began his resurgence with 'Night Moves' on Big Stricks Resivior Dogs and with his EP 'The Lost Tapes'. 

Ron Cook - Night Moves -

Ron Cook - FFWD -

Ron Cook - Here's Your Trance Now Dance -

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