Like Father Like Son CD

After a successful year for both Big Strick and Generation Next, they come with the CD album titled ‘Like Father Like Son’. Four months after they collaborated on the ‘Like Father Like Son’ EP , this 10-track masterpiece shows off skills from two eras of dance music on one platform with an array of styles and versatility. This is what we have come to love from the 7 Days Ent. imprint. Over the past 3 years Big Strick has made a name for himself as an artist and DJ, touring more as his art has progressed.  7Days Ent. In the past year, Strick has brought along his son, Generation Next, to join him in contributing to the to contribute to the 7 Days legacy.  With songs like ‘Acid Alcohol’, ‘Lamborghini Dreams’, and ‘And You Too’, Generation Next is beginning to make a name for himself. 

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